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Path of life

Stairs as symbol of evolution that path of life brings to us, an element that elevates us and leaves us at a very high point of observation. With the spontaneous geometries of the nature, looking for its point of physical balance to force the sensation of fragility. Using wood in its natural state, thinks on the greatness of the creation of nature in relation to the smallness of the human being in the midst of the universe. The stairs give us a chance to travel through this immense nature that makes us feel insignificant in the midst of the infinite universe.

He spent hours watching the grandfather, cabinetmaker working wood at home doing small decorative pieces. It is not surprising, that the wood has been the first call it has heard inside. Wood also has an important significance of sustainability as renewable material per se.

He has opened the grandfather's tools box and used them to work on wood directly from nature and sometimes become the mold for metal foundry. It is like raising nature to another level, giving it the honor it deserves and perpetuating it in another state of evolution, that of bronze and its aging.