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"we find beauty's essence on nature"  JS

He is a multidisciplinary artist who works painting and sculpture. He is interested in abstract and to communicate a message, transcending the aesthetic level. His work has the purpose of contributing to a world more peaceful and where humans can be more in touch with beauty.

His lifestyle is based on well-being, in contact with nature, healthy food and with practice of meditation, yoga and other techniques he works, to bring the viewer to feel very pleasant sensations, connecting with moments of well-being in everyday life, thanks to the harmony of colors, textures and compositions.

He trained as a graphic designer and has devoted more than twenty years to art direction and creativity in the field of business, reaching the position of executive in a multinational company. This has led him to travel around the whole world. Observation and self-knowledge have been key in his life and he has reached a point where he decides that it is time to give his knowledge and experience another direction, from a more reflective and introspective position, without conditions and open to everyone. He settled in the mountain, in a house with studio to work in. Far from the big cities, looking for the most essential contact, nature and silence. Here he retires with the space and time necessary to internalize and develop the artistic project in the environment that most connects to him.