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"We find beauty's essence

in our inner nature

By dedicating myself to artistic creation, I connect to my purpose of contributing to making the world a little better every day, surrounding ourselves with beauty that makes us feel good. As an artist I am aware of the purpose of the artistic work, its final application, in open or interior spaces, public or private, being part of interior design, decoration and architecture projects, unique and consistent with the user who is going to enjoy them. I like to call it 'artistic decoration'.

The nature and emotions that I feel when it surrounds me is nutrition for my work. Especially the mountains, forests, trees, wood, stones, cold wind, snow, sun and the horizon line of the sea. All these elements are essential for me and they are life itself, I believe in sustainability as a way of life and I also apply it to my work.

The external beauty of nature is visible to everyone. For me, it is time to inner sight and express the beauty of our inner nature. Share with others the depth of the inner emotional world through my work that establishes an open dialogue with the observer and his emotions at the same time.

"White lights subtle appear towards the inside of the canvas

This dialogue uses an abstract language that is expressed with spontaneous movements and gestural lines that emerge from the emotion, in contrast to controlled geometric lines that represent limits, filters and moments of change. Small volumes and textures of the pictorial matter mixed with subtle layers of discoloration or thin transparent layers of color over strokes as the density of emotions and the accumulation of one on top of the other. Shades of the same color covering the surface and the contrast of the intense color with the canvas's light base emerge from the changing mood.

I am passionate about the Indigo Blue color and I am in an exploration stage with it. You can see its ancient history as a dye on trade routes with the fareast is the depth of its intensity. This journey with blue began in the Consciousness III Series. And especially the Enlightement Series, it is worked with the most authentic Indigo treatment, the fabric dye (the same technique used for 'denim' clothes, jeans, shirts, etc.) recycled here as canvas and where the white lights subtle appear from the discoloration of the material, the white of the organic cotton thread used to weave the fabric. White is deep because it appears towards the inside of the canvas and not applied to the surface. In the Joy Series this exploration of Indigo Blue continues with acrylic paint on untreated organic cotton canvas giving more prominence to the golden space as a symbol of the sublime, an expression that already began in the Enlightement Series.