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'Inner horizons'

My work is focused on the concept of the gaze. The individual gaze towards the horizon to confront the inner gaze, the one that makes us grow as individuals and collectively. The horizon line as a mirror that reflects the beauty of the natural landscape in the beauty of human nature, the inner beauty and vice versa. I look for the inner light that’s in all of us, to connect with it in the middle of the darkness. On this artworks I bring light to the darkness. Creating spaces of light recorded in my emotional memories.

I look for the light that makes visible the horizon line of my inner emotional landscapes. Gold is the jewel the expression of the sublime and spiritual experience. 

The canvas for this purpose is made by order specially for me. I created it based on my experience on textile design, with organic cotton and yarn dyed with Indigo pigment. Then I paint in negative with acid medium taking away Indigo pigment from canvas. This creates an hyper effect of depth because all white appears from yarn towards inside canvas.

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