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"Those influences led him in the artistic direction in everything he does"

Born February 1st 1972 in Barcelona, Jordi now lives and works as an artist in the city, and spend some time often in the Pyrenees to get inspired by nature.

Growing up in a home with his maternal grandfather working on wood crafts and his mother working as dressmaker, he developed an interest in handworks and creativity at a young age. The paintings of his artist cousin did a big impact on him too. Those influences, together with his high aesthetic sensitivity, have always led him in the artistic direction and creativity in everything he does. He trained as a graphic designer and has devoted more than twenty years to art direction and creativity in the field of business, till reach the position of executive in a multinational company of fashion market. This has led him to travel around the world and accumulate a broad global vision of creativity and business as well as of different socioeconomic situations. For years he specialized in brand creation, business strategy, product innovation and design, communication campaigns and the design of exhibition and retail spaces. Becoming a passionate follower of the history and evolution of the great companies in lifestyle, fashion, automotive, decoration, etc.

"He decided to work on art without conditions and open to everyone"

Observation and self-knowledge have been key in his life and he has reached a point where he decides that it is time to give his knowledge and experience another direction, from a more reflective and introspective position, without conditions and open to everyone.

In October 2017 he left his position to have a gap year and at the end of 2018 he started making sculptures on wood and bronze to go through painting after. Since the very beginning, Jordi has already began exhibiting his work in exhibitions, selected as finalist for art prize and to participate in art markets, selling his artworks around Europe. You can see the day by day work following his instagram account @jordi_sarrate

"We find beauty's essence

in our inner nature


By dedicating myself to artistic creation, I connect to my purpose of contributing to making the world a little better every day, surrounding ourselves with beauty that makes us feel good. As an artist I am aware of the purpose of the artistic work, its final application, in open or interior spaces, public or private, being part of interior design, decoration and architecture projects, unique and consistent with the user who is going to enjoy them. I like to call it 'artistic decoration'.

The nature and emotions that I feel when it surrounds me is nutrition for my work. Especially the mountains, forests, trees, wood, stones, cold wind, snow, sun and the horizon line of the sea. All these elements are essential for me and they are life itself, I believe in sustainability as a way of life and I also apply it to my work.

The external beauty of nature is visible to everyone. For me, it is time to inner sight and express the beauty of my inner nature. Share with others the depth of the inner emotional world through my work that establishes an open dialogue with the observer and his emotions at the same time.



Arts FAD awards 2021

Barcelona, Spain.

June-August 2021.

Selected artwork as finalist for the awards.

Jordi Sarrate sculpture escultura art

Individual exhibition

Valid World Hall, Barcelona.

June 2019.

Solo exhibition with all paints and sculptures included in the Consciousness series I, II, and III. Click here to see some images of the exhibition.


Fine Arts award Sant Jordi. Fundació Perelló.

Diputació de Lleida, Spain.

April-September 2019.

Selected artwork as finalist to participate in collective exhibition for Fine Arts Award Sant Jordi.



Puigcerdà, Spain.

Eastern holidays 2019.

Two sculptures exhibited in seasonal offering.




Individual exhibition published on AD online agenda for art events, Spain.

June 2019.


El Periòdic

Artist interview on El Periòdic back cover for La Serenalla market, Andorra.

July 2019.



Individual exhibition published on Bonart magazine, online edition. 

May 2019

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