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Obac hanging lamp


Obac is a concept of hanging lamp sculpted on walnut wood that comes from salvaged trees. Go to 'Walnut collection' to read the full story about Iberian Walnut. The name 'Obac' refers to the shadow side of the mountains or any space in nature opposite to the sunny side.

Every piece is unique as it is worked in the workshop by Jordi Sarrate intuitivelly by hand and inspired by nature and inner feelings.

Placing warm led light inside of the wood, creates an asmotphere of cozy space around.

Their organic and gentle shapes could remember the forest, the sea or the wind. It's perfect to surround you with calm, harmony and for bringing the essence of nature to your dinning room, reading corner, office, shop or wherever you like to enjoy wellness.

Created on custom dimensions by request for every project. We work together to define what fits better for you, could be only one piece or a group composition.

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